AI In Marketing – 2019 Predictions

January 29, 2019

There’s no denying that artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from fiction to reality. In marketing especially, interest in AI has intensified as marketers have realized the potential that intelligently harnessing the ever-growing streams of customer data has on transforming customer experiences. AI has become increasingly important not only to marketers but to organizations as

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Curious about Chatbots? A Guide to Chatbots

January 21, 2019

No, they’re not sci-fi robots. They’re computer programs that interact with your customers and earn you sky-high approval ratings. Over the past two years, chatbots — or technology-fueled virtual assistants — have taken the world by storm. At first, chatbots were merely a computer-based service that could undertake various customer service tasks. And in that regard, they were a

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The Top 10 Most Transformative Techs For Marketing

December 29, 2018

3% of marketing executives see AI or a technology dependent on AI as critical to the future of marketing. 20% think that bots, chatbots, or smart assistants are core. And 63.5% believe that big data will (finally) be transformative for marketers. “AI and machine learning will have the most profound impact on marketing because it will

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Benefits of AI Bots as a key lever for AI Revolutionising Marketing

November 23, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing are beginning to go hand in hand. With the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and then learn from it- AI is transforming digital strategy. As it continues to advance, so will the capabilities to use it to improve digital marketing strategies and valuable customer insights for companies. Here are

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AI marketing can drive customer loyalty to brands, finds survey

November 16, 2018

AI marketing can drive customer loyalty to brands, finds survey AI marketing is needed; a survey reveals that poorly targeted marketing material is causing irreparable, long-term damage to thousands of brand-customer relationships. A new survey has found that 41% of consumers will shun brands that send irrelevant messages and offers. AI marketing may be the

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Why artificial intelligence is crucial for sales to bridge the customer chasm

August 30, 2018

Today’s customers have more choice and buying power than ever before, and they expect unprecedented levels of contextualization and personalization. The latest wave of technology, led by Artificial Intelligence (AI), may be the first time the sales team has an opportunity to harness a new technology before consumers do, to turn the tables and find

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