What Is

What Is


NitroBots offers businesses a way to interact with your prospects like never before.

  • Are you looking to increase your sales?
  • Are you missing out on leads?
  • Want to bolster your prospecting efforts?
  • Do you want warmer leads?
With NitroBots, you can use the power of AI to engage in 2-way conversations to nurture your leads in real time without the additional headcount or cost.

Our Virtual Sales Agent bots are designed for eCommerce, to help convert people into paying customers by guiding them through the sales funnel and onto your sales team.

Enhance how you do business today with NitroBots.


How It Works?

Want to see how NitroBots AI can help you grow your business? Here's how they turn cold, inactive and potential leads into qualified leads for your team.

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Why NitroBots?

NitroBots offers you a way to cover all avenues when it comes to lead nurturing. Here are the ways NitroBots can help your business grow by enriching customer communication.

2-Way Conversation

Nitrobots provides your customers with an automated, 2-way conversation, with interactive responses in real time. This improves engagement and their experience with your brand.

Bookings on the Go

Nitrobots can drive conversion by interacting with customers, collecting their information and booking appointments for them with the sales team.

Push it to the Limit

With Nitrobots, you’ll be able to tap into your lead pool and maximise your current data’s potential by reaching further using AI, offering you superior efficiency and effectiveness.


Who we are

and what we do

Nitobots.ai is an innovative product of iCumulus, your trusted team of direct response experts.

iCumulus has a long history of providing a full suite of services to businesses by focusing on the generation of genuine consumer responses driven by data analysis, and delivered via our trading desk.

Nitobots.ai is the successful result of iCumulus’ continued effort to revolutionise both the way our industry and our clients maximise their data potential to reach leads in simpler and more effective ways.

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