Nitrobots Facebook Messenger Campaign Results

September 12, 2019

We recently ran our first NitroBots Facebook Advertising campaign, showcasing our AI chatbot.   Download the casestudy: NitroBots Messenger Campaign Case Study

AI-Based Insights & Tighter Handoffs Between Marketing And Sales Help B2B Brands Close Funnel Gaps

September 5, 2019

  The B2B buyer’s journey is a nonlinear, lengthy process that often spans multiple channels and involves several stakeholders. For many brands, this causes a leaky funnel filled with inaccurate or incomplete account data and leads that get lost in the handoff between marketing and sales. But B2B companies such as Fiix Software, Aprimo and Okta are rising to the

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How are AI and data-driven campaigns changing sales and marketing?

August 29, 2019

AI is already having a major impact for sales and marketing teams, especially when it comes to lead generation, but as the technology progresses, there will be even more advantages to the reach it can make in the future. Think of sales and marketing campaigns in a traditional sense and you may well dream up

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AI’s Role in Driving the Sales Experience

August 22, 2019

Much has been made of AI’s role in serving customers, and AI-supported smart devices have invaded homes everywhere — Amazon’s Alexa was even used to order millions more Alexas as Christmas presents in 2017. Artificial intelligence is embedding itself in our technology-obsessed culture, but not every industry has taken advantage of AI’s utility. Adam Honig and his co-founders at Spiro

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Five Ways To Use AI In Marketing Today

August 1, 2019

Recently I was asked, “As an agency, how are you using AI within your marketing?” And honestly, the question gave me pause. I know we are using AI, but could not answer exactly how. Since it was (and is) a really valid question, I wanted to have a really good answer the next time someone asks. Artificial intelligence

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Should Law Firms Use Chatbots Rather Than Mobile Forms?

July 25, 2019

You may have noticed that Chatbots are replacing mobile contact forms. The trend is not limited to retailers, airlines and hotels. It is also taking place on law firm websites. Should law firms abandon mobile forms and go entirely to Chatbots? Mobile forms may still have a place, especially on law firm sites, where the

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