Reasons Why Chatbots Can Take Over Banking

February 25, 2019

Not many people are comfortable letting others know the state of their finances – their current-account balance, size of mortgage, loans, even how much they earn. Money is, after all, private. Which is why chatbots are going to be big in banking. A chatbot is the closest channel we have to going into an actual

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Why artificial intelligence is crucial for sales to bridge the customer chasm

August 30, 2018

Today’s customers have more choice and buying power than ever before, and they expect unprecedented levels of contextualization and personalization. The latest wave of technology, led by Artificial Intelligence (AI), may be the first time the sales team has an opportunity to harness a new technology before consumers do, to turn the tables and find

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How to Use AI Throughout The Insurance Value Chain, Starting with Sales & Distribution

August 16, 2018

How can insurers meet increased customer expectations at a lower cost? AI-powered care delivers on a future vision of customer service with an opportunity for savings of 30 percent by, for example, driving customers to digital experiences. In this post, I will explore how to apply AI using an intelligent customer engagement (ICE) framework. How

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The X Factor: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence For Marketing Success

July 19, 2018

When you find yourself stranded in a city looking for a hotel room, you need a mobile app that tells you current availabilities for that day, not the best deals in three months. Artificial intelligence (AI) is making this far easier, sifting through and making sense of reams of data to get you the information

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5 Ways AI Can Solve a Brand’s Marketing Problems

July 12, 2018

Harnessing its influence can make it into your company’s superpower Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to increase the stakes in the analytic, predictive and executional arms race needed to create and keep customer relationships. Marketing is at the center of this change, and several existing applications promise to irrevocably change the landscape with step-level

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